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All you need is admin access to your shopify store and your fulfillment contract.


Integrate with Shopify.

Simply connect Capabl from official Shopify App Store.


Upload your Fulfillment Contract

Do it yourself or let our account manager set it up for you. 


View your SLA Dashboard

Done! Once the account is set up you'll start seeing data instantly. 

Daily Shipment Data at Your Fingertips


Get clarity from a neutral 3rd party - we'll keep score​

Fulfillment is the last point of contact before a customer gets their product. How much do you know about what your fulfillment center is doing every day?

With Capabl:


Showcase to your clients how awesome you are

Let’s face it, most brands don’t have the tools to put into perspective the occasional hiccup. This creates an environment where you don’t get the credit you derserve.

With Capabl:

Fulfillment Tools from Operators for Operators

Multiple Fulfillment Centers

Create separate scorecards for each of your fulfillment providers and share access to the dashboard so they only see their relevant performance.

See Delayed Orders

Focus on the right data. With a quick click of a button you can easily see all of the orders that should have shipped but were not. 

Create Order Rules

Leverage tags from Shopify or create your own. Automatically exclude order or manually set their SLA date. Great for managing Preorders or Backorders.

Shutdown Calendar

Never be surprised by a holiday shutdown again. Load holidays into Capabl to automatically account for dates in your scorecard calculation.

Virtual QBR Dashboard

View Graphs and Trendlines that you would normally only see during a QBR on a daily basis. Clearly see how things are going daily and in the past. 

Dynamic Order Table

Updated every 5 minutes, you can easily see when orders need to ship to stay within compliance, excluded from calculation, and review history. 

See the improvement in your performance

Capabl brings increased transparency to fulfillment relationships. We’ve seen some fantastic results for both brands and fulfillment partners.

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What people say about us


“An absolute game changer for managing a fulfillment relationship. I never tracked fulfillment metrics as closely as I should have before Capabl”

Jesse Horwitz

Co-Founder Hubble Contacts
Mike Nelson

“Having a vetted methodology and automated process saves hours and hours of work. Our clients get the insights they need and we get time back to focus on execution. Capabl serves as a neutral 3rd party for us to keep score with our brands.”

Mike Nelson

VP Sales & Marketing, Elite Ops
Daniel Barkin

“We thought we might need to find a new fulfillment provider until we had Capabl. Capabl helped turn things around; Both sides acknowledged real issues we worked together to correct them and could easily measure the progress”

Daniel Barkin

Director of Supply Chain, The Flex Company

Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have further questions or connect with us via chat.

Capabl was created to help improve the relationships between brands and their fulfillment providers. To get the most out of Capabl, we recommend that you set up your fulfillment contacts to receive the scorecards and give them access to their dashboard. You’ll streamline communications if everyone sees the same metrics and data.
While Capbl isn’t an OMS, we do give you the ability to mimic the order routing rules to create individual scorecards for each partner. You will fill out these rules during onboarding and can always adjust them in your admin settings after the fact or move specific orders from one partner to another in your order table.
The scorecard is highly configurable and an incorrect setting may throw off what you are seeing. Be sure to check timezones, cut off times, WMS offsets in your admin settings. If that doesn’t work, feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we’d be happy to walk through things with you.
Capabl connects with Shopify to determine when an order was created and then looks at your fulfillment contract to determine when the order should ship in order to be within SLA. We then compare when something shipped with when it should have shipped.
Your fulfillment center will see exactly what you see, but only for their fulfillment center. If you have multiple providers or locations you don’t have to worry about prying eyes.
We usethe shopping cart (Shopify) as the source of truth instead of using the WMS. This makes sure that we catch all integration issues that may prevent orders from showing as shipped in shopify and therfore impacting the post purchase order flow for brands. More integrations and sales channels are on the horizon
We help brands and fulfillment centers measure on time shipping performance and order accuracy. Other metrics are on our roadmap.
Nope, this may happen with embedded apps (ie work on your storefront). Our connection with Shopify is completely on the backend and is only read only.
Capabl leverages tags to allow users to create rules to exclude orders from calculaton or manually set an SLA date. Both the brand and the fulfillment center can suggest changes to the calculation.
Capabl leverages tags to allow users to create rules to exclude orders from calculaton or manually set an SLA date. Both the brand and the fulfillment center can suggest changes to the calculation.
All subscriptions are month to month after your 14 day free trial unless you upgrade to annual. If you cancel your subscription you’ll have access to the app until your subscription expires.

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