Audits Speak Louder than Words

How do you know if your fulfillment center is doing a good job?

Hold your providers and team accountable with insights, analytics, and daily KPI Audits from a neutral 3rd party.

Get 1 free month of Capabl

As special thank you for being a Cin7 user, we’re offering you one free month of Capabl. All we ask for is that you leave us a review, email your fulfillment center about your experience, and share any feedback you have with us.

Compare Performance with Promises

The core of Capabl is around comparing actuals vs promises. With that data we are able to

“We thought we might need to find a new fulfillment provider until we had Capabl. Capabl helped turn things around; Both sides acknowledged real issues we worked together to correct them and could easily measure the progress”

Daniel Barkin   The Flex Company

“An absolute game changer for managing a fulfillment relationship. I never tracked fulfillment metrics as closely as I should have before Capabl”

Jesse Horwitz       Hubble Contacts

Streamline your Next fulfillment RFP

Introducing the Capabl Exchange

Izba and Capabl have teamed up to release a database of over 1000 fulfillment provider profiles for free. You’ll have full access to all of the filters you would want and we’ll eventually be pulling in performance data to help Brands really understand who the top performers are.

Get the most from your Fulfillment Relationships with Capabl

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